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Mitzi Leah Rice is a freelance photographer & the site includes moving imagery between SW Louisiana & Texas.  Her main focus is on lifestyle & nature photography.  Literally a journey of sharing life’s everyday moments through the lens of a camera. She finds inspiration in the beauty of the world around her & is passionate about capturing photos filled with love and light.

A little personal information about Mitzi:  wife, photographer, blogger, coffee drinker, mother to two, known as Nana to three. Born in Louisiana, spent 5 years in Germany and 21 years in Texas.

Now residing back in Louisiana, but Texas will always be H O M E She spends her time between Louisiana & Texas to spend quality time with her grandchildren.  She & husband share their home with 2 dogs and 3 cats. When she is not behind the lens, she can be found reading, watching Netflix or crocheting Afghans (blankets).

“Life is an incredible journey & I find beauty in my surroundings.  Whether they be the simplest of things or some more complex surroundings; to me, they are all beautiful.”

Everyone has a story to tell and I tell mine mainly through the images I capture on my journey through life.  Welcome to my everyday moments & those special & rare moments that make up my life; this is indeed My Bliss or as the French might say “MaisBliss”.

All photography provided by Mitzi Leah Rice